Friday, October 28, 2011


I can't express how excited I am to announce I now have a studio space to shoot in!  It is downtown in the Crane Building in The Creative Co-Op's suite.  I'll be sharing the space with a few other photographers.

Since the space is shared, we need to reserve spots.  My goal is to get a consistent studio schedule, but right now I plan on reserving a few here and there to get a feel of what people want.  If you would like an indoor session and have a date in mind, give me a call! 

Family and/or child studio sessions will be priced as a mini session (the link will bring you to my session info), and are 45 minutes long.  Newborn sessions done in studio will be a full session).

My first studio date is Saturday, November 5th.  I have 3 sessions still available at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00.  Contact me if you'd like one or if you want more info!

I'll be announcing a few more days soon, so make sure you either follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter

I took Wes there this morning to get some practice with the space.  I bribed him with lunch of his choice if he sat and cooperated for me.  He sat nicely, but it's obvious by many of his expressions that he wasn't too happy about it!






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