Wednesday, June 15, 2011

canvas {product share}

Bigger isn't always better.  Like a bigger spider is no better then a smaller one,  a bigger temper tantrum from your two year old, or a bigger cup of milk spilled during dinner.  However, when it comes to photos on your wall, bigger is better.

I had tears in my eyes when I pulled these from the boxes.  I love them!  They are canvas  on a 1-1/2" frame. These are 20x24, 16x22 and 6x22.  They fit well in the space they are in, but if I was going to put them over a couch I would have printed them bigger or added more prints to the grouping.

Yes, I know canvas prints are an investment.  But I can guarantee once you have them you won't regret the purchase one single bit.  I will walk past these probably 50 times a day and smile each and every time I look at them.



If you're considering canvas, I invite you to come over and check these out for yourself.  A picture in my dark office, against my needs to be painted red wall does not do them justice.

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