Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will's last day of Kindergarten

I dropped this little man off for his last day of kindergarten this morning.  Seriously, didn't I blog this post yesterday?

What a fun year he had!  He learned to read and write in full sentences.  He loves writing stories and told me he was going to be an author when he grows up, or a fireman (it changes daily).  He can add change, do addition and subtraction,  tell me all about the life cycle of a butterfly (which reminds me I need to order one to grow), tell time, and sing songs that I sang in my grade school days but have long forgotten about. He has made new friends, learned new games, grew his art skills, and gets made at me when I ask if the sore on his lip was from kissing girls at recess.

Welcome summer vacation. Lets go by really, really slow OK?  I will not acknowledge the fact that I have a first grader until August.

last day of kindergarten

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