Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ellen makes me smile { sioux falls child photographer }

"Ellen makes me smile and just about anything makes Ellen smile! Ellen is my everything, the love of my life, extremely intelligent, happy... I can't say enough! I'm discovering she really like horses and unicorns... and her favorite color is purple which she will point out anywhere she sees it. We like to read books and sing and tickle in our free time... My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day - it just makes me feel good to see all the hearts and flowers and signs of love everywhere! " 

I absolutely love this.  It is what Ellen's mom wrote in her client questionnaire.




Now Elizabeth told me she wanted a picture of her with Ellen, but warned me she would need some coxing to get in front of the camera.  I'm happy we got her there, this is one of my favorite of them.


Elizabeth, thank you for sharing Ellen with me. She makes me smile too!

Click here for Ellen's valentine!

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